F(L)IGHT CLUB: Actor’s Garage


F(L)IGHT CLUB: Actor’s Garage
Age: 16 and above.

Performance class for actors. F(L)IGHT Club: Actor’s Garage includes sessions on acting techniques, vocal techniques, body work, script analysis, introduction to Viewpoints and Grotowski work as practiced by the Ensemble, and devise-work processes.

The course is a platform for students to express one’s self, build confidence, improve language and kinesthetic skills, and empower participants through their creative potentials.


Courses are open to anyone interested in theater-making. Beginners, professionals, and even those without previous theater background are welcome.

The courses are new explorations in creating new works and new approaches in acting that have never been offered in traditional summer workshops (which often concentrate on acting, singing and dancing for the stage).

Sipat Lawin devised these workshops to open and share our unconventional and edge-work practices to the general public who also want to think and create outside the box. Edge-bound daredevil actors, directors, designers, and technicians will facilitate the classes that will take part in form of textual, hands-on activities, interviews over coffee and lots of exercises.

Actor’s Garage Workshop Fee: Php 7,500 per person for 15 sessions

(for inquiries regarding schedule, you may contact us through 0917.5008753 or 02.9646949; email us at sipatlawin.ensemble@gmail.com)


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